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Keep system availability at an all-time high with expert equipment support -- available when and where you need it.


We Power Peak PV Performance


As equipment reliability experts, we help EPCs, O&M providers, asset managers, and manufacturers get more out of solar.


Trusted for Diagnostics and Repair


We resolve PV equipment failures -- online, on-call, and on-site. From the straightforward to the obscure, we’ve seen and fixed it all.

Next Level Skill Development

Commissioning and Resolution Training

Field Quality Assurance Reporting

Construction Sub-Contractor Inspection

Third Party Technical Resource 

Independent Engineering

Process Mapping & Training

Procedure Documentation

Comprehensive Asset Report

Site Inspection

Issue to Resolution Phone Support

Technical Service Line

Responsive & Streamlined Delivery

Component Procurement

Diagnostic, Repair & Resolution

Equipment Data Analysis

Onsite Expert Engineering 

Performance Testing

Aftersales Infrastructure Support

Service Strategy Development

Free Online Technical Service & Knowledge Base

Solution Portal

Equipment, Warranty, & Service Evaluation

Vendor Quality Verification


Integrated Solutions


Customized Consulting, Resolution, Training and Component Supply


Serving the Solar Industry


Whether you manufacture, install, operate, or own, we ensure your inverters and power electronics run better, longer. Committed to service excellence, our technical stewards are on your side for high-performing PV.


Solar Support has continued to exceed expectations every time we contact them with a critical issue. 


- Patrick O'brian, Guardian Solar


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Join our industry-first community support portal and access the world’s only open-source PV equipment knowledge center.





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