Our Customers

The life blood of every company is decided by its customers. We take our clients satisfaction seriously. Our customers are the #1 priority for Solar Support. Bringing value to them with our work is the most important part of our job. 

Our company is fueled by referrals from the work we perform for our clients. Solar Support ensures that every client is thoroughly satisfied with the on time deliverables. 

If for any reason our clients are unhappy with the work, we will do everything in our power to rectify the issue. 

Customer Feedback

Well this is embarrassing, we don't have anything to put here yet. 

That will likely be changing soon, come back to see feedback from our customers. 


—  Solar Support


Technicians, Field Service Engineers, & Installers

Boots on the ground! These are the ones slinging modules, installing equipment in harsh conditions, and the folks who are working hard every day to build the physical projects. 

How we Help​

The technicians, field service engineers, and installers are the source of knowledge in the field. Solar Support provides the solar support portal as a resource for them in the field to utilize anytime they have issues. 

They are also the primary contributors. This tool is primarily for them. 


Engineering Procurement and Construction

EPCs are building the massive solar installations all over our country. They are churning out site after site, megawatt after megawatt. The largest installations in the USA are being built by EPCs. 

How we Help​

Solar Support provides our extensive experience to EPCs through a host of services. We provide the usual's like, troubleshooting, technical support, and independent engineering. On top of that we offer Solar Support service exclusives:

  • Vendor qualification and evaluation

  • Performance testing on site support

  • Quality assurance data evaluation 

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Operations and Maintenance

PV installations of all size are intended to last anywhere from 20 to 35 years. For that to happen a detailed operations and maintenance team must be available to keep everything running. Even though there are minimal moving parts compared to other power generators, there is still much to take care of. Enter the operation and maintenance companies. 

How we Help​

Our primary skill set lends itself ideally to O&M companies. Solar Support is exceptional at implementing solutions for maintaining the availability of equipment at utility scale PV installations. We are also skilled at teaching after warranty support to O&M service providers. We also help your teams save costs by procuring components at a better price. 

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Asset Management 

Managing a portfolio of PV sites is no simple task for asset managers. There is a host of responsibilities that they are required to perform to ensure that their sites are performing as they should be. Its imperative that they have a dedicated team ensuring that each site is functioning as it should be. 

How we Help​

Solar Support has extensive experience examining sites after disasters strike. Especially when it comes to force majure level incidents. We are capable of evaluating the damage, and providing recommendations for recovering the site. On top of all our other services, we offer site performance analyses to ensure your sites perform optimally. Our reports have been provided to insurance agencies in multiple claims on the east coast after hurricanes. 

Let us help you when things get difficult, we are here to help make things easier for you. 

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Original Equipment/Design Manufacturers

OEMs in the solar industry build everything from modules (Solar Panels), racking, trackers, monitoring devices, and inverters. They are excellent at producing a product that gets the job done, and have a vast knowledge on their particular engineering feat. 

How we Help​

We specialize in service. Not just in the field and consulting, but technical troubleshooting, and service strategy management. OEMs are great at engineering amazing products and solutions. They are burdened with providing some kind of service solution for those products. If they were able to just focus on the technology that makes them great, and partner with another group to provide service, they could have a powerful platform. 


Solar Support can build a dedicated knowledge base full of solutions, instructions, and guides for any OEM product. We can build a dedicated service line and call center staffed with our team, or yours. Our data oriented feedback can capture valuable equipment data to help influence the next iteration of products.  

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Non-Profits & Institutions

Solar Support is proud to provide our technical services either free or at cost to non profits and institutions focusing on renewables and solar. It's our goal to improve the solar industry one job at a time. 

Have questions about solar you need answered? Feel free to give us a call. It's FREE!