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Complete replacement package! Stacks, Training, Warranty, and Savings.

Save on Components

Our stack replacement program lets you save up to 30% off market price on your Semikube IGBT components.


    IGBT stack assemblies like the Semikube cost $13,000 just for a single component by itself. That does not include diagnosis, labor for the replacement, additional stacks, or the down time associated with the failure. 


    The average failure rate is 2%, and up to 4% in extreme environments. The expected life span is 6 years. Now factor in how many inverters you have. Every inverter can expect a minimum 2 stack replacements throughout it's 25 year lifetime. 



Solar Support offers an all-inclusive stack replacement program, including diagnosis, training, installation, refurbishment, and warranty.  

We deliver the components, training, and service you need to fully handle stack failures in your central inverters. 

This includes complete diagnosis and data analysis of the failure, brand new (NOT refurbished) Semikube IGBT stacks, and a full day of hands-on training for up to six service or maintenance staff on-site (with multiple unit purchase). 

Unlike other providers, we don't replace just one Semikube. Ancillary damage is common when one stack fails - damaging the other two stacks in the inverter. In turn, the two older damaged stacks risk re-damaging the new component. As these stacks age, replacing only the failed stack isn’t viable. Failures will continue to compound, damaging other components with each subsequent failure. 

Our 1-year warranty for NEW components far exceeds the limited, short-term warranty typically offered by OEMs on refurbished OLD stacks -- and we do it at a fraction of the price. Plus OEMs’ warranties only cover workmanship of the repair -- while Solar Support covers the whole component. 

Our program also includes refurbishment options for your damaged stacks. We supply custom, reusable cases to store and ship your components safely.  

Take advantage of our complete package and maintain your up-time guarantees.

Streamlined Transport

Each one of our stacks ships to you in a specialized reusable case, making it easy to return damaged stacks for refurbishment.

Complementary Procedure

Free with every order, we will provide a step-by-step replacement procedure for your order.

Failure Diagnosis

We evaluate your equipment data to validate the component failure, boosting your confidence.


At Solar Support we believe in transparent pricing, making it easy for customers to trust they’re getting the best possible value.

We offer a complete set of three new Semikube IGBT stacks for only $23,400 -- substantially lower than market alternatives that provide only refurbished stacks.

Our integrated solution includes diagnosis, training, installation, and reconditioning evaluation.

Program pricing includes:


One-year warranty that can be extended to two years (please note that we require installation and documentation for all three stacks before we activate the warranty period)


Evaluation and shipping of your failed stacks for possible refurshiment. Reusable storage containers for your refurbished Semikubes


On-site training during installation (if needed, at no additional cost) along with detailed installation procedure documentation -- available if you purchase 2 or more sets.

Pain-Free, Simple Refurbishment

Reconditioning your old parts can be costly and burdensome. Our IGBT package offers added security in the event of failure on another unit with reconditioned spare parts on site. 

Send your old Semikubes to us in the customized cases we provide. We’ll charge a flat fee for the refurbishment and ship them back to you. Maintain up-time with these spare components in the event of future failures. 

Solar Support’s Refurb Process:

  1. Cost of refurbishment is $6,000 for all three cubes; If you purchase a new stack, we refurbish old stacks for $5,000

  2. If refurbishing your old stacks without purchase of new ones, you submit payment of  $800 + shipping 

  3. You provide serial numbers 

  4. Solar Support ships you special boxes for transport 

  5. Refurb takes 2 to 8 weeks from receipt of shipment

  6. Once the refurb has been completed, we’ll ship these back and invoice you upon shipment

  7. You have a 60-day warranty from shipment date



We have the potential to provide real value and solutions for your team. Reach out to us for a detailed quote. 

Have questions? We have answers! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What central inverters is the Semikube installed in?

There are many inverters that support the Semikron Semikube . Most notable are the SMA Sunny Central CP10 500-900 series, Sunny Central 500HEUS, Sunny Central 250U and Sunny Central 500U.

Do I need to replace all 3 Semikubes?

This is tough to answer, the manufacturer, Semikron, recommends that all 3 stacks are replaced anytime one fails. However our data and experience indicate that a single stack can be used to repair the majority of failures.

Are all Semikube versions compatible?

No, certain manufacturing versions are not compatible with others. They will work together for a time, but it reduces the overall effectiveness and reliability of the entire semikube stack assembly. Solar Support provides compatibability information with every stack sold. We can help you determine what versions you have, and what versions are compatible with yours.

Are your Semikubes refurbished or new?

These are brand new Semikubes straight from the factory. We only sell brand new Semikubes unless stated otherwise.

How many should I buy?

The manufacuturer expects a 2% failure across the board in normal operating conditions. They also estimate a 5-7 year life span, once again assuming normal operating conditions. Summer time, or harsh enviroments can dramatically increase this failure rate and lifespan. We recommend having 1 set of 3 at all times per 100 Inverters. This ensures you can perform one complete replacement, or three partial replacements.

How do I know when to replace a stack?

Solar Support has extensive experience replacing Semikubes. We can teach your team how to troubleshoot these failures, or you can provide us the failure data for evaluation. We provide free data analysis for all of our customers.

What's the lead time?

The lead time is roughly 16-20 weeks. Which is why NOW is the best time to place your order!