We believe in contributing to the overall health of the solar energy generation industry by providing customized performance and reliability solutions to EPCs, O&M providers, Owners, Asset Managers, and OEMs. 



Solar Support brings a wide variety of services to our clients. We have the flexibility to reach out and solve your specific issues. Struggling with technical service from OEMs? We can help with that. Looking for competitive pricing on components? We can find them. Have a difficult issue or in urgent need of a solution? We can do that too. 


Consulting, Procedures, Testing, Design, and more!

Sometimes you need the right people on site at the right time. We are here for you. Give us your issues and we will find a solution. 


Troubleshooting, Data Analysis, Training, and Failure Analysis.

We will develop a customized solution for your technical issue. Then we can provide training and failure analysis for the initial problem. 


Power Electronics, Power Supplies, Fuses, Filters, and others by request. 

Looking for a specific part? We have contacts with distributors all over the globe. Looking to repair a component? We can help with that too.

What issues could you use our assistance with? Do you have an urgent problem? We have solutions, let's book a meeting to talk about how we can assist your team with a solution.