What is the Solar Support Portal?

There are so many solar experts out there that are supporting their individual customers in a small segment of the solar industry. Some of these experts may be friends and communicate with each other, but others may be competitors. Even though the problems are the same, the competitors will not collaborate on issues unless forced to by their customers. 

This is completely backwards. Why develop solutions for the same problem 15 different times at 15 different companies? It's not proprietary knowledge.


It's simple electrical issues like:

  • How to troubleshoot a ground fault?

  • What is a DC arc fault? 

  • Why does line loss cause over voltage issues?

  • How do I calculate the number of panels in a string? 

Doing internet searches for any of this information will get you into a bees nest of competing articles. What if there was ONE source for all this information? What if equipment manufacturers referenced that source? What if it was completely searchable and growing every day? 

That's what we are achieving right now. As you read this people are logging in and searching for information. Anything they search shows up on our back end interface. We know what they are looking for. If they cant find it, we put a request in for an article on that information. Next time someone is looking for that information we will have it ready for them. 

What are you waiting for? Go look for yourself. 

Looking to learn how to use the portal? Check out the tutorial below.


Creating an Account

Step #1 - Create an account within the Solar Support Portal.

  • Go to the portal

  • Click "Login"

  • click "Sign up with us" or use a google, facebook, or twitter account

Finding Answers

Use the Search bar, or "Sam the Solar Bot" found in the lower right hand corner. 

          Sam is an AI power bot that will sift through all the articles to find the relevant contextual information you need.


Receive knowledge!

Or not, if your question is obscure, or phrased differently, Sam may not find an answer for you.


That's okay he is always learning.


Submit a ticket and we will create an article, or rephrase the question. Sam will provide 3 articles he believes might be useful.


Your feedback on the articles helps us develop better content for everyone!

Still Need Help?

We're happy to walk you through the account setup and full features of the portal.