Solar Support is helping the renewable energy industry by providing customized availability and reliability solutions for our customers. We enable our clients to effectively diagnose and repair their equipment. Solutions to issues are documented and saved in our portal should they ever be needed again.

We have the flexibility and knowledge to perform a wide variety of services. Our skill set is broad, and we aren't afraid to jump head first into a project to solve a customer issue. Solar Support prides itself in bringing value to its customers through educating, documenting, and solving their specific problems. 

What does that mean? Well, no matter what the issue is; 

  • Ground faults,

  • Arc Faults,

  • After Warranty Service Response Time,

  • Training Staff,

  • Difficult or Time Constraint Component & Part Sourcing,

  • Advanced Troubleshooting,

  • Useful Error Code Explanations,

  • Custom Circuit Diagram Creation, 

  • Last minute Independent Engineering Reports, 

  • Required Procedure Creation, 

Solar Support will deliver, on time, and with the highest quality. We live and breathe solar and we transmute every snippet of that passion into our work. 

See our full list of services below. Click one for more information!

These services are products & services that we offer, or have delivered to or clients. If you don't see something here that you are looking for, please reach out to us. We love developing new offerings. Chances are we have already done it, and have not defined it here. Give us a quick shout!

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    Free Technical Service

    Troubleshoot any solar related issue, we'll be your life preserver for as long as you need!

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    Solar Consulting

    Leverage our 22 years of  solar experience for your project. We can help in any situation.

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    Service Management

    Deploying a service team costs an outrageous amount. Let us share cost saving practices with you. 

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    Component Sourcing

    We have the connections to find practically any part required for equipment deployed in the field.

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    Independent Engineering

    Need an IE Report for project, insurance claim, warranty issue, or internal discussion?  

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    Procedure Creation

    Document your work flows and processes. Capture the knowledge from your senior team members.

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    Vendor Qualification

    Not all claims can be validated by an internal team. We can dig deep when it matters most.

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    Performance Testing

    We can provide on site technical support during your testing. Reduce down time, pass the test!

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    Solar Support Portal

    The portal has all of your solutions, get your team on the portal to help us create more!

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    Service Line Construction 

    We have extensive experience building service line systems. Unhappy with your service line?


FREE Technical Support

Why would anyone offer free technical support? Are we crazy? Do we realize the sheer amount of volume that is likely to pour in because its FREE technical support? 

The team here at Solar Support can sum this all up in ONE word. 


First off, the Solar Support Portal is our ultimate goal (besides generating revenue). To make that useful for the industry, we need questions coming in.  Even if we cannot answer them all right away. Right now we don't anticipate the volume being too high to handle. As a stop gap though we have posted limited hours for the service line. 


If for whatever reason no one answers, we have email, chat, and twitter. (for all those millennial out there). Our service line is "Omnichannel" we can accept tickets into our system for any source.  

What does that mean Exactly? We accept tickets from the following sources

  • Email -,

  • Chat - Click on the right hand corner of the website at anytime,

  • Phone - Call us at (855) 417 - 6527,

  • Twitter - Mention our handle @SolarSupportMe with the word "issue",

  • Facebook - Contact us on Facebook messenger  

  • Portal - Use the "Submit a ticket" button

The Solar Support Technical Service Line provides troubleshooting help. Are you stuck? Wondering what the next step is? Contact us, tell us what the problem is, and we will do everything we can to point you in the right direction. Our only request is that you tell the resolution to the problem you submitted was. 

Click below for Solar Consulting!


Solar Consulting

Alright so this part isn't free, this is our bread and butter folks. We specialize in providing our knowledge to clients in the solar industry that need assistance on projects, on site troubleshooting, training, and anything else that would generally fall under the heading of "consulting". 

Why is consulting needed?

It's difficult finding the right information for some projects. If you need an expert opinion on an issue, or you have equipment that you simply cannot get running. We are available to travel to your location. Solar Support then evaluates the issue and provides recommendations for resolving the problem. Some customers just need the comfort of having an expert on hand to help support their technicians in the field.

Consulting encompasses many different tasks, and we even break a few out of that label to help clarify everything that we do. Regardless of the task at hand, we provide a qualified Solar Support consultant that will assist with whatever solar project your team has in mind. 

How can a consultant help?

Hiring a consultant is similar to adding a full time employee to your roster for a set amount of time. Sometimes you need that expert on hand to handle your most difficult issues. Problems that have no answer. Solar dilemmas that have no answer require an outside expert to help resolve. Solar Support fills that role. 

Still not sure? Give us a call, we are happy to provide insight on your issue, and give recommendations over the phone. If its clear that only on site consulting will resolve the issue, we'll be sure to let you know and even quote you before we ever show up. 

Click below for Service Strategy


Service Strategy

Having 20 service personnel and nothing to service would be an example of bad a service strategy. Dispatching a technician to the same job site to troubleshoot the same fault more than 2 times is a waste of service resources. It's normal for our industry to send technicians to site multiple times for the same failure or issue. 

How much do truck rolls cost in our industry? We've done some research and found that residential truck rolls are on average about $200 per visit. Utility scale truck rolls are much higher, averaging around $600 per visit. Commercial is right in the middle of that at $450 per site visit. 

Imagine how much could be saved if you reduced your truck rolls by two visits per month!

What about the other costs not directly associated to a cost? Like technician availability? If you are running a 4 man crew and aren't meeting customer expectations, you logically need to hire another person. 


This same concept applies to technical service hotlines, and other service related responsibilities. Solar Support can analyze your teams performance and assist in implementing changes that can save your company tens of thousands of dollars each year.


Solar Support has the overall experience, and talented employees with an extensive background in solar and service.

Many of our potential clients have been operating this way for years assuming its normal. They typically expect the manufacturers to provide a labor reimbursement, but this is becoming more rare with the market evolving over time. The cost of equipment coming down, and the deterioration of service standards has limited the overall capability of the OEMs. 

Let Solar Support prepare your service organization for the future. 

Click below for Component Procurement! 


Component Procurement

Are you getting a fair price on the material, components, and tools you are purchasing? Solar Support has found that most purchases within the solar industry are GROSSLY overpriced. It's so bad that we have started selling components with some margin and we are priced sometimes 2 or 3 times less than others. 

Have something special and need to find another? We specialize in finding the obscure. We scour our network of contacts within the solar industry to find the material you need.

What kind of stuff do you have? 

  • Power Supplies,

  • Fans,

  • Breakers & Contactors,

  • Power Electronics,

  • Fuses,

  • Relays,

  • Wire & Wire Harnesses,

  • Custom components, 

  • Sensors, 

  • and anything else you can request, 

Solar Support takes great pride in delivering components in a timely manner, and with accuracy. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with any of your orders, let us know  as soon as possible so we can correct it.  

Looking for Independent Engineering Reports? Click Below!

Independent Engineering Reports

Writing reports is comparable to drinking water for us. It's cool, refreshing, and we've been doing it for a considerable amount of time. The reports we provide can be used in a wide number of applications, but the most important thing to consider is this: 

Do you have a professional employee on your team capable of providing compelling independent engineering report supported with facts? 


 Most agencies that require an independent engineering report require it to come from an outside source. Who do you trust to write such a report? There are many consulting agencies out there, and some that say they specialize in solar. 

Solar Support lives and breathes solar everyday. It's not an offshoot of another business. It's our Josephine, our Helena, our Juliet. You see where I am going with this? We treat independent engineering reports seriously. 


What kind of IE reports can you build?

It would likely be easier to list the types we can't build, but here it goes;

  • Site Visit Reports - Overall site conditions & Equipment status,

  • Damage Reports - Any kind of equipment or weather event,

  • Warranty validation - Not covered by the warrant? We disagree, 

  • Repowering - Considering repowering? Let us evaluate your options,

  • Internal dispute - Need recommendations from an outside source? That's us, 

  • and many more!

Need Procedures or Training? Click below! 


Procedures and Training

Capturing the knowledge of our expert employees is a difficult task. Few companies spend the time to document the knowledge of their teams. When the best technician on a team leaves, what happens to his knowledge? Some of it is retained within the people he trained, but is all of it? 

Many individuals at companies enjoy hoarding information. They may even do detailed documentation, but when it comes to actually providing material to their company, they show up empty handed. 

Solar Support specializes in documenting information for our clients. Looking to get the info in their head on to paper? We can handle that. 

Documenting your procedures is critical to reducing your overall costs. 


When new hires show up ensure they know how to do even the most trivial tasks. If you don't the cost of one reverse polarity connection opened under load can be disastrous. Solar Support can help your team avoid expensive accidents by documenting your internal procedures for the future. 

Vendor Qualification! Our favorite, click below to read the article!


Vendor Quality Verification

There are many options available when you are designing a site. A multitude of salesmen show up to show off their products and they all have a good pitch. 

How do you make the right choice? 

Solar Support evaluate your vendors. Our team has experience being on the other side of the sales pitch, we are aware of the potential complications your vendors can run into. 

Because we are service experts, that's usually where we tend to go first. Have you vetted the vendor's service program? What's their support system like? How will they support your project over the long term? What about once it is out of warranty? What do their current customer say about them? 

Don't get bamboozled by shiny new equipment, let Solar Support inspect, and vet your vendors to ensure the equipment on your site is the best. 

Click below for Performance Testing Support! 


Performance Testing Support

The final stage of any solar project requires a rigorous performance test to ensure the site will operate as intended. Any failures or issues will cause the test to "reset" and it will need to be repeated. It's an expensive process, and many times those resets can be avoided if the right data is evaluated ahead of time. 

How does data evaluation help? 

The vast majority of field issues are a result of installation errors, and a sub standard QC check. Weeks can be saved if days are spent checking and double checking during the QC process. 

Most companies are in a hurry, and are willing to role the dice to try and pass the test. At Solar Support, we like to work smart. Our team can help advise your project management department before, during and after the performance test. 

We can increase the chances of a successful performance test this first time. 

Solar Support costs less than failing, will likely save you a great deal of time, and provide you with peace of mind. Unsure? Let's talk about it! 

The portal! If you aren't sick of hearing about it Click Below!


Solar Support Portal

As mentioned elsewhere, the portal is our dream, our baby, our legacy for the industry. Imagine capturing the knowledge of the 2000+ solar service engineers engaged in troubleshooting and other service work. 

Create articles for every incident they have, plug a powerful AI into it, and provide it for FREE for the industries use. 

That's essentially what we are doing here. Sure we could probably charge for the service, but we believe it is important to share this with everyone. The only way we can continue to build it is with input from the entire industry. 

Help us build the Portal!

Contact us with questions, submit as many as you can, we'll build the articles. All you need to do is ask the questions!

Building a new service platform? Click Below! 


Service Platform Construction

Service lines, and ticketing systems are god awful if you build them with tools like the office suite. Technology has advanced in the last 5 years, and those are no longer viable options. 

Solar Support has experience building both ticketing systems and service lines. We can do the entire system from the ground up and hand it off to your team, or staff it with ours. It's entirely up to you!